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Hilo High School


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Hilo High School was the first public high school on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi, established in 1906. With a deep-rooted history, "Hilo High Pride" and the legacies of its student leaders have left a mark on both the school and the island community.

Hilo High School

Hilo, Hawaiʻi

High school seems like a long-lost memory; however, my student activities involvement played one of the biggest roles in helping me decide that I wanted to major in marketing. The most relevant high school leadership position I held was Student Association Corresponding Secretary. In this position, I designed flyers, social media posts, created promotional videos, and painted banners for various school events. Through this, I discovered a passion for design. 

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As an alumna, I often visit campus during summer and winter break, as well as assist with commencement preparations. 

Click to view the video I made for the Class of 2020's Drive-Thru Graduation!

Some of the Banners I've Painted

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