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J. Blue Marketing Agency

Practicum Course in the Heider College of Business

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J. Blue Agency

Creighton University

The J. Blue Agency is a student-run marketing services firm in Creighton University's Heider College of Business that works with real clients, going beyond the classroom to produce content using all the stages of marketing and branding.


Promotions Manager

Content Creator

J. Blue is a new two-semester practicum within the Heider College of Business, with the first cohort beginning three years ago. Our clients currently include the Let It Fly Sports Bar & Grill,  former NBA star Mike Miller's restaurant that is opening in Omaha around May 2023, as well as the Let It Fly Show, a sports podcast that will be recorded in the restaurant. Additionally, our agency works with Creighton University Communications, running the school's official TikTok account, and Creighton University's Department of Education. I joined the agency in the Fall of 2022 and will continue to be involved until the end of the Spring semester

As the manager of J. Blue's Internal Promotions, my primary goal is to spread the word about J. Blue, which as a new practicum and being hidden on the fourth floor of the Harper Center, doesn't get much publicity. Since joining the agency I have started the agency's Instagram account, working to grow engagement by featuring new members and showcasing our work with clients, as well as managing client announcements, blog posts, and providing marketing tips to add value for other students who may be interested in public relations or marketing. Besides promotions, I also bounce around as a Content Creator on the Department of Education client team. The Department of Education was looking for guidance in its social media presence, so I assisted the client team in conducting a social media audit and designing graphics for their Instagram


August 2022-May 2023

Learn more about the J. Blue Agency here

Client Content

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My Blog Articles

New Year, New People, New Client Teams.

Welcome Back to J. Blue in 2023

Recruitment & Membership Content

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Instagram Reel Content 

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Marketing Tip Mondays and Guest Speaker Content

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