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KTA Super Stores


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KTA Super Stores

Hilo, Hawai'i

KTA Super Stores was founded in 1916 as a modest 500-foot store and has since expanded to seven stores across the Island of Hawaiʻi (also known as the Big Island). 


Marketing Production Assistant

May 2022-August 2022

KTA Super Stores has the famous slogan, "You're Someone Special Every Day at KTA." This saying encapsulates how all employees, from courtesy clerks to pharmacists and Company President, strive to treat customers, and this reputation is why KTA has found so much success and holds the continued support of the local Big Island community, and beyond. 

As a Marketing Production Assistant, my primary task consisted of photographing and editing product pictures to update KTA's brand-new delivery and rewards app. However, because I was the youngest person in that department, the marketing managers also allowed me to brainstorm how to increase engagement both on TikTok and with other giveaway campaigns in order to appeal to a younger demographic. With their trust, I created trendy content for TikTok that resulted in a 1300% increase in followers within one month. In addition, I gave the marketing team several ideas for how to increase entries to giveaway campaigns, specifically for their summer produce sale, and from implementing these ideas increased giveaway entree participants by 3,233%

Before moving to the marketing department, I worked as an administrative assistant for the accounting department as well as pharmacy. In accounting, I assisted with various administrative tasks such as updating buyer information to Acumatica, a cloud based ERP system. When working with the pharmacy, I collaborated with the COVID-19 task force in the peak of the pandemic to create COVID-19 safety graphics, guidelines, and "cheesy" videos for social media. In addition, I worked at COVID-19 vaccination clinics and testing sites, to assist the pharmacy in serving our Island's community during this crisis. I also billed insurance for influenza vaccinations and designed resources for KTA's Diabetes Self-Management Education Program/Diabetes Prevention Program, and called patients to tell them about these Diabetes class options. 

To learn more about KTA Super Stores, visit their website here or find them on Instagram, @ktasuperstores. 

Administrative Assistant for Accounting & Pharmacy

May 2019-January 2022 

Part-Time Social Media


May 2023-Present

TikTok & IG Reel Content 



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Other Video Content 

Cheesy Videos for COVID-19 Safety

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"Alternatives to Hugs, Handshakes & High-Fives"

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"Tips for a COVID Safe Holiday Season" 

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"Living With COVID-19" Safety Video

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COVID-19 Safety Graphics

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Button design for vaccine clinics

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